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We celebrate, inspire and support the blended family  lifestyle.

In The Blend is a podcast series that helps parents navigate life within a blended family. Join host Laura Jenkins as she speaks with experts and guests to get practical advice on how to have a harmonious blended family life.

This series dives deep into the unique dynamics, logistics, and challenges of raising a blended family. From new partners, to juggling mixed finances – Laura will help guide you through it.

Meet Laura

Laura Jenkins

Laura Jenkins grew up in a blended family and is now raising one of her own. She has walked in your shoes — from navigating the question, ‘What is my role in this blended family?’ to discipling children who aren’t yours, the importance of boundaries, and jokes about having her own Brady Bunch (if you remember the iconic TV series). Now, she’s supporting blended families to make it all work.

Spoiler: Yes, you can make it all work!

As host of the In The Blend podcast and creator of the online course, The Bonus Mums Blueprint, Laura wants to give step-parents, like you, the tools to thrive in a role you never thought you’d be signing up for. Her mission is to make anyone in a blended family feel seen, supported, and optimistic about the future by rewriting the narrative about blended families.

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