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With the merging of households, schedules, and responsibilities, it can sometimes be challenging to keep everyone on the same page. Fortunately, we’ve found five incredible apps to help blended families stay organised, communicate effectively and navigate the complexities of blended family life.

1. 2 Houses

It should come as no surprise that 2Houses is at the top of the list, as we recently had founder Gill Ruidant as a guest on the podcast to chat about the app.

The 2Houses app was created to help make co-parenting easier and more efficient by providing a platform for parents to communicate, coordinate schedules, and share vital information such as custody schedules, medical records and expense tracking.

The app also facilitates communication between parents, allowing for easy coordination of events and exchanges.

2. Google Calendar/iCloud Calendar/Outlook Calendar

Choose the platform that best suits you, but a shared calendar where all parties can see what’s happening, set up alerts and schedule events is so helpful for blended families.

By having the calendar app on your phone, you’re able to instantly schedule a commitment and check that it doesn’t conflict with what you (or your co-parent) may already have planned. With everything laid out in one easy to see and shareable format, there’s less chance of miscommunication and scheduling conflicts.

As your kids or stepkids enter the teenage years with busy social lives, have them set up a calendar of their own (and take responsibility of updating it) which can be shared with you so that you can be across who needs to be dropped off/collected when and where. In our household, if it’s not on the calendar it doesn’t exist!

3. Cozi

Popular with blended families across the globe, the Cozi app serves as a centralised hub for managing family schedules, to-do lists and even grocery shopping. The Cozi app allows you to create shared calendars, set reminders, add to grocery or to-do lists and coordinate activities across multiple households.

With a built in messaging feature, it’s easy to ensure everyone stays informed and connected.

4. OurFamily Wizard

The OurFamily Wizard App allows you to contain your schedule, files, expenses, contacts and communication all within the one app, allowing you to solve the challenges of blended family life faster and without confusion or conflict

We love the Journal feature which allows you to record observations and share memories with your co-parent, or document last-minute schedule changes. You can even use the check-in feature to verify your presence at exchanges and other locations – or just keep your co-parent updated on what’s happening in your child’s life whilst they’re with you.

5. Life 360

Life360 is a location-sharing app that can be particularly useful for blended families. With the app, parents can track the whereabouts of family members in real-time, ensuring everyone’s safety and providing peace of mind. Life360 also offers features like driving analysis, emergency assistance, and a built-in messaging platform.

This app is especially helpful in the teenage years as your children or stepchildren are starting to gain independence.

Do you know of any apps we might have missed? Continue the conversation and let us know on Facebook or Instagram.